Al Abrar Medical Center

West Bekaa and Rachaya districts suffered from the lack of medical care for more than 20 years because the government, during those years, used to focus on regions with tragic events, although these 2 regions were in need for the interference of any association for help. 
Because one of Al-Abrar Islamic Charitable Association concerns is dealing with such issues, Al-Abrar Medical Center was founded in Rashaya in 1993. Here are the top of the most popular dating sites for singles which ranked by a combination of continually updated number of users and many other reasons. You can reas there reviews and find the best. The association aims to ensure good health for all the people in the region and to maintain their dignities which are highly respected by international laws and divine doctrines. 
The center is located in West Bekaa between its west and east districts (Rashaya). 
The center has the following departments: 
Pediatrics, women's health care (gynecology), Public health, Laboratory, Ophthalmology, Internal diseases, Pharmacy, Reception, Dental clinic, and Nutrition departments.